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A RUCHED LIFE, Paintings
Watercolor on paper

This set of watercolor paintings on pigmented paper is part of an installation piece that included fabric animals and pillows. It was on view in my studio during the 2007 Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour. Please click this link if you wish to see images of the exhibiton: A Ruched Life

The installation piece A Ruched LIfe evolved over several years. I sewed a variety of three-dimensional forms in upholstery fabric such as four-legged animals and shaped pillows and the six paintings shown here.These paintings brought the piece into focus. Decorative painted patterns overlay the eccentrically configured hallways and rooms. The interior spaces in an abandoned house had only a few cupboards or left-behind pieces of furniture, yet the house did not seem empty or uninviting.

To coordinate the paintings with the other elements of the installation piece, the paintings are framed by the same fabric piping used to trim the pillows. The paintings are drawn as speech bubbles (as in a comic book or graphic novel.) The images are stand-ins for spoken words by the fabric animals.

The paintings show interiors from an abandoned 1859 octagon house in Lewis County, upstate New York. Octagon houses are built with eight sides. The rooms inside an octagon house have strange configurations with walls that hardly ever meet at 90 degree angles. A spriral staircase is usually in the center of the house.