blank box








These TV tray tables are made from construction
grade plywood, and were formed in single-, double-,
and triple-tray versions. On the tops of the tables,
images were drawn using a wood burning tool. Historical
photos and engravings about the "wild west” were
used as references for the drawings.

Subjects portrayed in the drawings are specific
to the demise of the American bison (buffalo) herds on
the Great Plains in the northern central continental U.S.
This story is about the the importance
of the buffalo to the Plains Indians for food, clothing,
blankets, and many other uses.  Drawings included
examples of Indian hand sign language, "Easterners”
shooting buffalo from train windows, Indians hunting
buffalo with arrows, Indian pictograms about hunting,
and rotting buffalo carcasses laying on the prairie left
by white men who only killed for the fun of it.

This work was originally part of a two-person exhibit
with Heather Holden in 1980 at 1708 Gallery in Richmond,
Virginia. The title, Quick Cuts/Hot Flashes referred to
the incongruous cultural and historical juxtapositions
found in every day life.

My TV tray tables were also shown in a group show curated
by Sally Heller at Max Hutchinson gallery in 1981.